slashdiv's notebook

Welcome to the notebook page! This is a sort of microblog, and a place to sort miscellaneous pages that aren't a ttorial/code snippet or a link page. Some might be mostly link pages but with my personal thoughts on a topic, like my favorite graphic user interfaces.

Miscellaneous pages


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Lately I've found myself getting interested in pixel art. For the past couple of days I've been trying to make some pixel drawings, and I've been looking for resources on making them, like tools, programs, and palettes.

I've found some of those resources really helpful and have listed them in the art resources page.


I made a customized theme class schedule for myself today. I gave it a glasslike and water theme similar to aero. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out!


Today I looked into different old styles, or graphic design languages of stuff like win 98, xp, vista, and 7, and classic mac os interfaces. I'm planning on making a single page for this sometime.

I also made this new journal thing for the site, using